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Navigating Online Challenges: Boosting Visibility, Brand, and Reputation

Several challenges persist in the online landscape for practitioners. These include inadequate website visibility and a lack of brand recognition, which hinder their ranking. Moreover, the dearth of engaging content significantly impacts the success of practitioners. Additionally, negative client reviews directly influence brand perception, highlighting the importance of effective reputation management in addressing these issues.

Optimizing Technical Challenges for Improved User Engagement

Many technical challenges significantly impede user engagement and impact the conversion funnel. These include issues such as slow website speed and insecure website warnings, both of which deter user interaction. Furthermore, non-responsive and non-mobile-friendly websites significantly diminish the overall user experience, further complicating the path to successful conversions.

Navigating Time Constraints: Impact on Website Content and Optimization

Time constraints have a profound impact on the creation of compelling content for websites, often resulting in less engaging online platforms. The limited time available not only affects the quality and depth of the content but also impedes the optimization process for user-friendly and search-engine-optimized material. This lack of adequate time restricts the thorough crafting and fine-tuning necessary to enhance content appeal and visibility, ultimately affecting the overall effectiveness of the websites.


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Our specialized skills and strategies are designed to enhance your visibility, ensuring that you’re more accessible to potential clients actively seeking what you offer.

Case Studies

Case 1

Challenge: A prominent physio clinic in Calgary wasn’t ranking #1 when searched by its brand name. Additionally, for searches like “physiotherapy near me” or “back pain clinic Calgary,” the clinic didn’t appear in the search results.

Action: We conducted a thorough audit of their website and Google Business Profile, assessing their online presence. Based on the analysis, we design a 6-month plan to address website technical issues and optimize it.

Results: The outcome was transformative! Our strategy resulted in a significant increase in high-quality, measurable patient leads. Within 3 months, the clinic secured a spot on the first page of Google for targeted search terms. The Local SEO strategy proved instrumental in unlocking substantial growth for our client.

Case 2

Challenge: A massage therapy clinic wasn’t receiving sufficient calls from their target patients. The core issue was that the clinic wasn’t appearing on Google Maps.

Action: To address this, we executed a tailored plan focusing on optimizing the clinic’s Google Business Profile. This involved updating essential information, ensuring accuracy, and enhancing the overall appeal of the profile. Simultaneously, we started implementing strategies to improve the clinic’s local SEO, aiming to secure a prominent position on Google Maps.

Results: By implementing our strategy, we observed a noticeable uptick in visibility. Within a short period, the clinic started appearing prominently on the map, making it easily discoverable for individuals seeking massage therapy in the local vicinity.

This increased visibility directly translated into more calls and inquiries & website clicks.. The clinic experienced a surge in engagement from their target audience, leading to a substantial improvement in patient acquisition.

Our Working Process

Our SEO strategies are data-driven and fueled by creativity. Outsource your marketing and growth requirements and woes to us while you sit back and enjoy the results.

Performing a thorough assessment of the website’s technical elements, content, and Google Business Profile on Maps to identify optimization opportunities for improved search rankings, increased traffic, and enhanced online visibility.

Entails strategic improvements directly on the website, including technical enhancements, speed optimization, and ensuring user-friendliness across various devices. These controlled refinements aim to elevate search performance through site-related upgrades.

Deals with external factors beyond website control, encompassing aspects like managing reviews, leveraging ratings, and purposeful backlink placements. It concentrates on enhancing online visibility and credibility through strategic actions outside the website.

Continuous monitoring involves regular website health checks and Google Business Profile (GBP) to ensure ongoing optimization and maintenance. This process includes periodic assessments to sustain the overall health, performance, and accuracy of the website and GBP for sustained effectiveness.

Encompassing comprehensive GEO Analysis, examining country-specific, regional, and local factors such as area size and population density etc. And, Keyword research involves an in-depth analysis of the search terms employed by users. 

Crafting web material optimized for search engines focusing on quality, relevance, and keyword integration to boost visibility in search results, attracting organic traffic while meeting user needs and aligning with SEO best practices.

Why Choose Get Patient

Industry Specialists

With a decade of SEO expertise, our team navigates both update and Google Recommended SEO methods. Serving global and local clients, we continuously evolve strategies for the dynamic digital sphere. Our organized experts, including certified SEO professionals, aim to exceed expectations.

Niche Focused

Focusing solely on improving search performance for therapy clinics, our SEO Agency prioritizes becoming niche authorities. As the saying goes, we aim to avoid being a 'Jack of all trades, master of none', committing our focus to unparalleled mastery within these niches.

Measurable Results

As industry specialists, we're committed to improving our clients' website search rankings for people seeking therapy clinics nearby for pain relief. When we identify factors affecting their site's ranking, we use our skills to enhance visibility and attract more traffic.

White Hat Method (100% Transparency)

Embracing ethical standards, our agency strictly employs White Hat methods in all our operations. We ensure 100% transparency across processes and reporting, offering clients trustworthy and sustainable SEO solutions for long-term success.

Proper Tracking & Reporting

We value our clients' concerns about their website's visibility and progress. We are dedicated to providing real-time tracking updates and comprehensive reports on the work carried out, ensuring our clients stay informed about their website's improvement

Sustainable Partnership

Through consistent and reliable output, our objective is to establish enduring long term partnerships. We advocate for a gradual and steady growth path, avoiding weird spikes that lead to subsequent declines.

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